Day 15 – The Sun Also Rises

I was itching to make up the time I missed yesterday. That’s got to be a good sign. It’s been like when you’ve lost something, and you can’t remember where you put it, and you obsessively keep searching every little nook and cranny (sometimes 17 times) until you finally dig it up. That’s what it felt like. Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit for effect, but you get the point.

Well, I did make it up time-wise, but my hectic schedule is catching up to me. Laid down some good tracks, as they might say in the music biz, though definitely they will benefit from some rewriting.

The little wobble I had in my writing is starting to really oscillate now. The story is still going in the right direction, but the style and voice is like a schizophrenic kitten: skittish and hyper and biting at my feet (whatever that means). Point is, I’m not sure what’s going to happen with it — and I’m kind of excited about that. It’s threatening to rip apart the whole story, which would be a little worrisome except that’s when the really good stuff will start belching out, methinks.

I’m tempted to just keep writing, just following that road to its inevitable crash through the “Closed Road” sign, but I know myself too well. I’d burn out, get bored, drop the whole thing. I’ve got to coax this out, and keep my interest up by leaving it before I’m ready to leave it for the night.

Anyway, speaking of leaving for the night, it’s been another long one, so I’m checking out. Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.


(Novel Writing Totals)

Hours Today: 1.5
Words Today: 1,634
Hours Total: 15
Words Total: 21,817

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2 Responses to Day 15 – The Sun Also Rises

  1. Kelly says:


    “It’s threatening to rip apart the whole story, which would be a little worrisome except that’s when the really good stuff will start belching out, methinks.”

    Love that. I know that oscillating feeling so well! I do it all the time in professional writing (and in my creative writing, on the side)—keep going, wobble wobble, until something emerges from the tear in the center. Sometimes like you I even push it to make that happen.

    I usually have to throw out all the outsides, like it was the shell of the nut and only the nut is the good part, but I hope that’s just me because you’ve got an amazing amount of shell there. Hooray for so much written!


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  2. Graham says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Thanks — yes, mine’s mostly shell at the moment, though there are kernels in there worth keeping. Right now though, it is more about the process.

    I can feel myself working towards the style and voice (do I talk about that too much?) and I think that’s where my focus should be right now. The story is moving along — I’m writing essentially a living outline of what the novel will eventually become.

    But by writing the novel — and writing every day — I am developing ideas faster than if I did an actual outline. I’m also fumbling towards that style and voice, so I’m happy I’m approaching it this way. It’s strange, I can almost (but not quite) see the voice I want to use there ahead of me in the fog; I just can’t reach it yet.

    I’m having a lot more fun looking for it than I expected I would though. Again, a good thing I think — makes it a lot harder for procrastination to seep in when there aren’t any cracks, and nothing makes you impervious to cracks quite like loving what you’re doing…


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