Day 23 – Our Italian Restaurant

Billy Joel is the StrangerThe Voice (I’m going to start capitalizing it here) is back, and this time I think for good. However, I still need to fashion it somewhat. It is raw — definitely in a good way — and I’m just going to let it run with the hook for a little while before I start to reel it in.

Again, not expecting a lot of tonight’s work to make the final cut, but I am really enjoying the groove I’m in, so what the hell. I’m also getting a better sense of the characters, and I’ve developed a number of “hooks” that just keep coming out of the blue as I go along. So I think I’ll wander this path a little bit longer…

One thing that is looming is an end to my vague idea of a storyline. I’m not complaining — it’s lasted me this long. But if the story stalls, then so too might my exploration and development of the Voice. I finished a scene today and just — just — started a new one before the timer went off. It’s a new day in the story, and one that is largely unknown — certainly in this writer’s mind. We shall see where it goes.


(Novel Writing Totals)

Hours Today: 1
Words Today: 1,483
Hours Total: 23
Words Total: 33,623

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2 Responses to Day 23 – Our Italian Restaurant

  1. I like that you total words and hours. Never thought of that. Have you thought of creating a story map? I map things out the way John Cleese and Connie Booth did when they created Faulty Towers. They claimed they could get two episodes worth of material into one show by working on a large sheet of paper – like 20 X 30 inches. They would draw circles for characters and lines and arrows to other characters and write in notes about how they relate and what happens. I’ve played with that and I think it’s possible to graph a story much the same way that music is created using a computer program. Everything becomes wonderfully visual and easy to grasp at a glance. This advice coming from a visual artist, of course.

    • Graham says:

      I love the map idea. I had planned to do something on paper once the first draft is done, just so I can (as you say) see how things connect. And probably more importantly, how they don’t connect… But I hadn’t really considered making it visual — that’s a great idea for the second draft.

      Right now, I’m just writing in a straight line from start to finish to get the storyline down. The “real work” will come in the second draft, when I flesh out ideas and sew together specific scenes. I think any sort of outline would (for me personally) be more of a hinderance than a help. I’m happy to meander and see where things take me.

      Thanks for the idea!


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