Day 29 – The Winds of Change

A great day writing today, though I did already have a scene in mind. It’s not quite finished yet, but it is close — definitely tomorrow. I think it’s a keeper too, in some form.

That’s the thing I’m finding — a lot of stuff I’m writing I know won’t make the final cut, and that which does will be heavily reworked. But this free-flow of words, this meandering is really helping me flesh out the story better than a storyline would. I think I’m going to write up a “bonus” post about the pros and cons of doing an outline — at least from my point of view. Some people swear by them, and that’s fine. But for those writers out there not sold on the idea, well, I say go for it without an outline. I’m discovering way more stuff than I would have staying on the beaten path.

Anyway, getting a touch of the flu I think, so I’m hoping I can hold it all together. I’m in it now, so I can’t avoid getting sick. Hopefully though, I can minimize the symptoms enough to keep working tomorrow and get my hour in.

Until then,


PS – passed 40,000 words today — that’s worth noting.

(Novel Writing Totals)

Hours Today: 1
Words Today: 1,593
Hours Total: 28.5
Words Total: 40,718

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2 Responses to Day 29 – The Winds of Change

  1. Kelly says:


    Looking forward to your pros and cons. To me, “watching” you write without an outline is like watching an acrobat work without a net, LOL, because I can’t imagine doing without… but at the same time I can see that you are definitely getting a very complete understanding of the characters and maybe even the times or the “neighborhood,” the way you’re doing it. You’ll be one of those authors who can tell amazing backstories that never appear in the novel when you’re finished. The secret lives of your characters!

    It would be so cool to somehow survey writers and see how many write without an outline or story structure of some sort pre-drawn. I’ll bet a lot more than we know of.

    Yay 40,000+!


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    • Graham says:

      Hey Kelly,

      Yes, I think there are many out there who don’t use an outline. I believe Stephen King is vehemently against them (if I remember rightly).

      I should point out too that personally, it depends on the medium. For example, I would be more likely to jot down an outline of a non-fiction book than a work of fiction. I mean, I won’t lie here — even in school I had very little patience investing time in an outline when I could be just writing.

      Now that I think of it, I do outline some things like web content for a new website. But this is no more than organizing the pages – Home, About, Service 1, Service 2, etc. On some occasions I’ll write down some important points I need to cover, but that’s about it.

      For fiction though, I think it’s good to have an idea of the direction you want to take — but as a starting point only. Once things get rolling, I find the story tends to just shape itself.


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