Day 38 – Does Everyone Stare?

Missed yesterday — the wee’un’s in the hospital with a major eye infection, so between running back and forth there and trying to keep up with my overdrive work schedule, I’m done. I managed to get an hour in today, though I’m hitting past exhaustion now. I’ve got to call it a night.

I did hit 50,000 words today, which puts me half way to my envisioned goal of 100,000 words. That makes me feel good.


(Novel Writing Totals)

Hours Today: 1
Words Today: 1,306
Hours Total: 36.5
Words Total: 50,470

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2 Responses to Day 38 – Does Everyone Stare?

  1. Kelly says:


    Wow, you are going to be to 100,000 in no time. Amazing! And you’re figuring out so much about how you work in this fiction realm. Congratulations on being halfway to your original goal!


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