Day 65 – “The Old Book Is Dead…”

Very mixed feelings about this video, posted on the Globe and Mail this morning:

Essentially, Peter Svensson sliced up a 1913 edition of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and in about an hour, scanned in all the pages so that he could bring it into his iPad. This gave him a “realistic” feel to the book because, when scanning in colour, you get the old, yellowed-pages look.

This could be a help for people who want to get their own books into the iPad, and I can think of one writer already who could be interested in this technology. On the other hand, talk about new media killing old.”No progress is without it’s sacrifices,” Svensson said, holding up the remains of the day. “The old book is dead.”

If that’s not the perfect symbolic story of our times, I don’t know what is.


(Novel Writing Totals – Day 65)

Hours Today: .75
Words Today: 906
Hours Total: 50.50
Words Total: 67,476

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3 Responses to Day 65 – “The Old Book Is Dead…”

  1. He’s a moron.

    Destroying a nearly century-old book for a publicity stunt should earn him a seat in the warm section after he’s dead.

    The ebook question is an interesting one – and being driven from a lot of different directions – but only a fool would suggest the “book is dead” just yet.

    Email was better than regular mail in almost every circumstance, and websites are better than printed brochures (in almost every situation), but ebooks face some very real shortcomings compared to print books, and acceptance will depend on how quickly those barriers are overcome.

    In any case, he’s still a moron.
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