Back in the Saddle – Day 202

Quick note to say that I got back into my groove again. Did mostly tweaks today (but that’s a good thing when you’re working on a second draft, no?)

I’m liking where I’m at so far. Hit 27,000+ words today to boot. Hopefully, I’ll have more time to work on it tomorrow again.

Until then…


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2 Responses to Back in the Saddle – Day 202

  1. Kelly says:


    A little ebb and flow is bound to happen… in fact I think I’ve “seen” it here a few times over 202 days, eh? But your goal is so big and shiny up there in the sky, I can’t imagine you wouldn’t rush back to the flow after a bit of ebb.

    My own “ebb” days seem to be for some deep subconscious recharging (which I suppose isn’t an Earth-shattering revelation, but when I’m in the midst of an ebb, I always forget it…). I’ll have a day when I just can’t bear to look at a project, beat myself up all day about the piddly projects I’m doing to avoid it, and the next day I have the energy and ideas of three Kellys for the thing I couldn’t stand a day ago.

    And of course, I get lots of piddly stuff done that way, too. 🙂


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    • Graham Strong says:

      Hi Kelly,

      Wow, you’re so lucky getting piddly stuff done! I’m too prone to shutting down completely when I have too much on my plate…

      Yes, there will certainly be ebb and flow — one thing that hasn’t ebbed is my desire, which I’m very happy about. 200 days in, and I’m still excited to be working on the book. That’s got to say something!

      For me though, it was important to do *something* during my writing time, even if it wasn’t directly writing the novel. It was a productive morning, and helped keep me in the swing of the habit, if nothing else!


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