Big News… Interview in Black Heart Magazine

Laura Roberts at Black Heart Magazine requested an interview with me about my novel writing trials and tribulations so far — and of course I was happy to do it. The interview went up yesterday, and it’s gotten great response so far. (Actually, I’m humbled by all the feedback I’ve gotten from it…)

I probably should have mentioned this here yesterday, but I had hopes of getting some writing done and then adding a blog post and mentioning it then. The snow (always, the snow) kept me busy enough last night — I still have another round of cleaning up the driveway again later today.

If you haven’t read the interview already, follow the link below. It’s a quick read, and sums up nicely everything I’ve done so far.


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4 Responses to Big News… Interview in Black Heart Magazine

  1. Kelly says:


    I actually love peeking in at Black Heart now and then but never more than just now!! How can it be when you pour your thoughts out about this process (nearly) every day right here, that you still managed to look at things in such a fresh way in that interview? Very, very nicely done—congrats!!


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  2. Graham Strong says:

    Thanks Kelly,

    It was actually good in that way — it made me “sum up” what I’d been doing. As you know, when you start with a vision, it very often changes along the way. Doing this interview gave me an opportunity to review how it had changed, what I had learned, and where I was going now. In other words, it was very useful for me too!

    Glad you enjoyed it!


  3. Great interview Graham! It was interesting to hear a little more background behind your blog and book.

    • Graham Strong says:

      Thanks Amanda, glad you liked it!

      I plan to link to this interview and my Men with Pens guest blog post (when I manage to find some, you know, spare time…!)


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