Dropping Pretenses – Day 224

Okay, I’ve officially on novel-writing sabbatical. This is an unplanned — and frankly, an unwanted sabbatical — but I simply cannot keep up with the amount of work I have. It’s not a cop out (trust me, I know what those look like), just a reality.

That being said, I have already set aside time on May 1 to restart writing. So no matter what I have on my plate then, I will get some work done on the book then.

Of course, the irony is that I actually worked on the novel a little bit this evening. A very little bit – I had an idea for a short exchange between the two main characters, and wrote it in. Things are still churning back there, spitting out ideas every once in a while. Just got to remember to jot them down.

Heard some sad news yesterday, and read about it today: the “Gatsby” mansion is being torn down as we speak. That was one place I’d hoped to make — should have had in on the Writers’ Bucket List actually.

Speaking of which, got some items directly from Terry Fallis, and indirectly as well. He recently had an “author” moment that I think we all hope for: he saw someone on the subway reading his book.

You can read about that here.

During my (begrudging) sabbatical, I will be checking in on the blog when I can. I have a bit more news, but it involves a blog post I’m in the middle of writing. Hopefully, I can finish that off soon.

Until then,


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3 Responses to Dropping Pretenses – Day 224

  1. Kelly says:


    Hey, no big deal! At day 224, taking a couple of weeks is just employer-mandated vacation time, not a flaw in the system. (The employer, of course, is that hard-driving novel-churner-outer 🙂 Graham Strong—but even he’s got to let you off to recharge after all this time!)

    On 1 May you’ll come back to it ready to bust through the next set of hurdles with vigor. Good for you.

    Catch up on other stuff and get some rest,

    Kelly’s most recent blog post: Inspiration Points- Zuckerberg and Murdoch – Let’s Finish This!

  2. Kelly says:

    P.S. Terry Fallis’ “author moment” should definitely be on any author’s bucket list. I got goosebumps reading it and imagining what it must have felt like for him. Thanks for the link to that.
    Kelly’s most recent blog post: Inspiration Points- Zuckerberg and Murdoch – Let’s Finish This!

  3. Graham Strong says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Yes, I loved that story — I find it hard to imagine bumping into someone reading my book! (But I’m looking forward to seeing what that feels like…)

    I hate taking a break from the novel, but I’m booked solid now and I need to catch up! Hopefully in a month or two I’ll have time to catch up on my novel too…


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