For Those About to Write – Day 363

My blogging pen has been fairly silent as of late, but that doesn’t mean my novel-writing pen has been too. Although I haven’t been getting as much done as I would like (what’s new there…), I have been writing more than these pages would let on.

What’s more, I’ve been liking what I’m writing. I think I’ve turned a bit of a corner in my novel-writing abilities — or at least in this story. Things seem to be clicking together better than ever before, and plot lines, once fuzzy and indistinct, are now coming into sharp focus like highway lines on a map. I seem to be getting the hang of writing novels. I’m not an “expert” yet by any means (and I still worry about whether or not this first effort will be publishable or just a good lesson in novel writing) but I am becoming more comfortable that what I’m putting down works from a storyline point of view.

Does that make sense?

This weekend, I’m also following the progress of those writing the Three-Day Novel Contest (hashtag #3DNC on Twitter), especially that of Laura Roberts, whom I sponsored. It’s interesting seeing everyone struggle through their individual struggles, and realizing that they are more alike than most people might have first thought. Setting word count goals, cursing their email/Internet time, refreshing the well after a long stint, fretting over missing said word counts… I wonder if we’d hear similar things from marathon runners tweeting during the race?

In any case, just a short post today to let you know that you can call off the hounds (if indeed you sent a search party out…) I’m alive and writing — and I even tweaked a few things in my website. GoodReads is gone (I love the idea, but I haven’t been keeping it up — I don’t expect that will change in the future…), and my Novel-o-Meter is now up to date too. I’m into Section 3 of the four-part novel, with a new goal of completing Draft 2 by Christmas. Seems realistic, and I’m confident I can reach that at my current pace.

For all those in the Three-Day Novel Contest — keep writing!


Novel Writing Hours

Today: 1.25
To date: 172.25

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6 Responses to For Those About to Write – Day 363

  1. Too bad — you posted one day too late to keep your “Missing” photos from appearing on milk cartons.

    Teach you to disappear…
    TC/The Writer Underground’s most recent blog post: Interview With A Successful Writer: Essayist John Gierach

  2. Graham Strong says:

    Published at last! (Send me a carton and I’ll sign it for you…)


  3. Kelly says:


    Ah, life does that to us. Good to know you’re keeping up the good work when you can, steaming right along. Neat to read about this moment of leveling-up in your novel-writing, too. I wonder if it was just a certain amount of time put in, or some other trigger that got you to this new point?

    (Think how neat it will be to look back on this blog later… “Oh, yeah, that was when it all clicked the first time… there’s the second time…” etc.)




    • Hi Kelly,

      Great to hear from you!

      I’m wondering too, what caused the leap in novel writing ability. I think part of it is that I’ve written hundreds (thousands?) of articles and the story writing essentials are the same. The difference is of course of size. Except that it’s not as easy as “scaling up” the story like you would doubling a recipe. Instead, it seems to follow the square-cube rule of biology: as the story gets bigger, it gets exponentially bigger. (It also gets more difficult to hold the whole thing in your head…!)

      So I think the “leap” is a number of factors: a greater comfort level working at this exponential level, a greater understanding of the story itself, and (as you mentioned), the amount of time I’ve put in.

      Of course, I don’t want to analyze it too much in case it’s pixie dust or the whim of the muses. Best to smile, nod, and keep writing…

      Graham Strong’s most recent blog post: For Those About to Write – Day 363

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