UPDATE: Getting to the Roots of the Coupland Signature Mystery

In my last post, I mentioned that I found a copy of Generation A by Douglas Coupland that looked like it had been signed. By whom, I wasn’t sure — it seemed authentic, but it could have been someone just fooling around.

Here’s an update: I Googled “Douglas Coupland signature” and found that it probably is authentic.

First, I found out that Roots actually had a Douglas Coupland signature (literally!) collection last year. Here’s one of the ladies’ tees, top left.

Of course, I wanted to find an actual signature in an actual book (which is what I had in mind in the first place…) and did find it. Close — you don’t have to be a handwriting expert to see that these are probably signed by the same person. My copy’s at the bottom.

Guess I have myself a signed first edition from Douglas Coupland! Yay for me!


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4 Responses to UPDATE: Getting to the Roots of the Coupland Signature Mystery

  1. Nice one! I had an advance copy of Generation A a couple of years ago, as I wrote a review of the book for Quill & Quire. No Coupland signature, but still a fun read.
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  2. Lucy says:

    Yes, indeed that appears to be an authentic “Doug”. Congratulations on your find! Doug is an amazing and extremely interesting fellow. I’ve had dinner with him and I do hope you, too, get the chance to do so someday.

    • Graham Strong says:

      Thanks Lucy — that pretty much nails it then!

      Glad I have an interesting dinner to look forward to — he certainly seems like an interesting guy. Hopefully by then I’ll have written a book that he enjoys so we’ll both have something to ask the other about…

      Welcome to the blog!


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