OTF: Eagles are a Good Omen, Right?

It’s official – we’ve got eagles! What I can only assume to be a nesting pair flew over my car into the bush behind our house as I got home from an early meeting this morning. I take that to be a good omen. At the very least, I hope they scare off the nesting pair of pigeons in the barn. (Isn’t it weird how we’ll take one species of bird, but not another?)

I also hope it’s a good omen for me, because boy is my whiteboard blue. I counted – I officially had 16 open articles for one project of mine. I managed to finalize seven of those this morning, but gained one (or possibly two) more since then. Then there are my other clients…

In any case, just a quick note to say that I know that you know that I have not been working on my novel lately. And to make sure you know that I really, really miss it. Once a few more things are wiped off, I’ll be back at it…


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11 Responses to OTF: Eagles are a Good Omen, Right?

  1. Given your post, I thought you’d find this personally edifying (this from a Writer’s Digest email pitching their last copywriting class):

    If you’re not familiar with copywriting, then it’s time for you to look into this skyrocketing industry that’s the perfect gig for writers just like you. Whether you’re an aspiring screenwriter, novelist or playwright, or even just an avid reader, you can turn your love for words into a lucrative career as a freelance copywriter.

    Freelance copywriters create content for everything from websites to emails to print ads. They work from any location and set their own schedules, giving them the time they need to pursue their personal creative projects. Imagine what you could do with those extra hours, not to mention extra cash!

    Gosh, Graham — if you’re not working on your novel in all “those extra hours,” what are you doing??
    TC/The Writer Underground’s most recent blog post: Why Don’t Copywriters Ever Fail? (or, Why I’m Reading Screenwriting Blogs)

  2. Judith says:

    Eagles symbolize strength, power and enlightenment in almost any culture in the world. I hope those eagles bring you all three as you tackle your commitments + your novel. Based on your novel-o-meter, it looks like you’re more than halfway there (not sure but I’m guessing that this is the first draft).
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    • Graham Strong says:

      Thanks Judith.

      Saw seven eagles spiraling above the house on Saturday, catching updrafts. Extra good luck, methinks!

      As for the draft number — technically it is the second draft, though I am doing more writing than rewriting at this point. (Plus I never did finish the book while in the first draft stage…) Hoping to have a reading copy by Christmas, though that will take a bit of work — we’re creeping up on it fast!

      Thanks, and welcome to the blog!


  3. Steve says:


    I believe that there are different beliefs that people have. Here, if a black cat crosses your path it is considered as a bad omen. My friend says that it is the positivity of our mind that affects these events and it has nothing to do with appearance of any creature. I come across objects but did not ponder much about what happened. Better that we consider everything as good omen.
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    • Graham Strong says:

      Hi Steve,

      Yes, that’s true — considering everything to be a good omen is a smart way to do it. (Though unfortunately, I still have pigeons in the barn…)

      Welcome to the blog!


  4. You believe that eagle is your omen and others have some other belief. It depends on personal experience also. But, I feel that we must not be much influenced by these beliefs.
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  5. John says:

    I agree with the saying that prefers to believe that everything that is happening to you is for the good, and coming from a devine force that leads you towards your life goal with much love and care.
    John’s most recent blog post: Selected Ex Girlfriend Quotes

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