Day 425 – I’m In Love…

As I mentioned in my last writing update, I was a little confused as to whether or not to leave a certain scene in. Well, I decided to take it out and replace it with one that would be better suited for the story. So I sat down this morning with that goal in mind, to start bending what came before to align with this new scene, and maybe even write the scene itself.

But then I started reading from the top. Actually, it started because I came up with a new opening line — we all know how important that first line is — and I wanted to jot it down before I lost it. (When you read it, you’ll see the new first line isn’t exactly earth-shattering, but I think it works perfectly for the story in its own little way.)

Anyway, I ended up spending my time tweaking the first chapter, and came to find that I love it. That’s a nice realization, isn’t it? Of course, I’ve been at this game a little while and I know that loving what you wrote is almost a red flag that something is seriously, seriously wrong. I don’t think that’s true in this case (another red flag), and I know that once I start getting feedback, parts of it will likely change (this is not a red flag, but a sign of a healthy, well-balanced writer… still applies to me as well though.)

Another productive writing session this morning!


Novel Writing Totals

Hours Today: 1
Hours Total: 51.25

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5 Responses to Day 425 – I’m In Love…

  1. I don’t necessarily think it’s the stuff you love that gets you into trouble. It’s the stuff you think is so damned clever that probably should be cut.
    TC/The Writer Underground’s most recent blog post: Weekly Tweetfest

  2. Rosalia says:


    I think falling in love is the most beautiful thing on earth. I hope what you wrote in the headline was true because thought it is not earth shattering but it is life changing. You have a reason to live after you fall in love. All the best so that you can keep up with your writing goals!
    Rosalia’s most recent blog post: Los alimentos que hacen engordar

  3. Steve says:


    I agree with what the ‘Writer Underground’ said that it is not the one you love gets you in trouble. Love itself is associated with so many pains and troubles. Without problems, you cannot expect love to exist. Love is all about solving those problems and keeping love intact. Keep writing such wonderful posts. Thanks.
    Steve’s most recent blog post: Manage Your Stress Reaction

    • Graham Strong says:

      Thanks Tom and Steve!

      I’ve found in my day job freelance copywriting gig that it’s the copy that I’m absolutely, positively convinced is the best stuff I’ve ever written is the writing that gets rejected. Apparently, that’s not uncommon among copywriters. So although that hasn’t happened to me in a while now, it always makes me nervous when I like something…

      (And yes, I am trying to be clever with every sentence, in one way or another. Maybe I should be getting really worried!?! We’ll see…)


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