Wordless Wednesdays: Only 366 Days Left…

Only 366 days left to finish that novel!

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5 Responses to Wordless Wednesdays: Only 366 Days Left…

  1. Never thought of a doomsday deadline. I love the graphic, but do we all have to perish in the apocalyptic fires if you don’t meet your deadline? It makes me want to yell – “Graham! Get to work! You must meet your deadline, or we’re all doomed! Doooomed I say!” How about the carrot method instead. A big graphic of a golden carrot?

    • Graham Strong says:

      Ha – if the future of the world relies on my writing schedule, we’re going to have problems long before December 21, 2012…


  2. And here I’m just getting cleaned up after the world ended in Y2k….

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