Beware… Day 560

How was your Ides of March? Mine actually went swimmingly — much better than it did for ol’ Julius. We got a water delivery for the well, and I celebrated by having a shower and by not going to the water depot to fill our 18l (or, in other words, 50-pound) jugs. Still can’t get over the fact that “drought” is hitting so many of us on the shores of the largest freshwater lake in the world…

Got some writing in too, though not on the 15th. For the last three days though, I’ve managed to squeeze out some words. More trimming and editing — I made a major decision that will not only cut out a large portion of the story (therefore reducing my word count by quite a bit — good news in itself) but actually strengthens the storyline in the process. Win-win! (If you don’t lament over the thousands of words that will be forever scrapped…)

Went to a friend’s house for dinner last night for what must be now declared the first official BBQ of the season. We actually sat outside while the steaks and chicken were on. If you live in Thunder Bay or know anything about it, you realize how utterly amazing it is to be comfortably sitting out on deck chairs on St. Patrick’s Day. (If you don’t lament over the fact that the unusually warm weather these past few years and lack of water in our well is somehow connected…)

Anyway, great novel success of late — still slower than I’d like, but inching forward. Yay for that.


Novel Writing Totals

Today: 1.25 hours
Total: 202.75 hours

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  1. Uhh, a water delivery for your well? What?

    I live in terror that our well will go bad (Mt. Shasta is volcanic in origin and lava tubes fill and collapse and change course all the time). It’s an expensive — and very bad — day when that happens.

    Hope you get some H2O soon.
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    • Graham Strong says:

      I hear you. We’re right on the Canadian Shield — the largest chunk of granite on the planet — and to drill a new well would be thousands of dollars. (I can see the granite at the bottom of our dug well now, about 35 feet down. Most drilled wells around here are 180-210 feet down, from what I understand, so that’s at least 150 feet through solid rock…)

      I heard a trickle today — spring’s come early — so hopefully it will recharge now!

      In the meantime, yes, we get water deliveries. We’re still in city limits, so each 1,000 gallon load only costs about $40 ($120-$180 per if you’re outside the city). That lasts us about 2 weeks when we’re in extreme water conservation mode.


      • Thirty-five feet is pretty much a warmup out here; Mt. Shasta is basically a huge pile of volcanic cinders, so our current well is over 260′ (which *does* cost thousands).

        That’s why my fear; the next one will probably be more like 400’…
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