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Writing Kit from Writer's DigestEverything you need, my ass. Saw this at my local Chapters and opened it up to see what was included. And, just as I expected, I couldn’t even find one spare minute of time in the whole kit…


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  1. Maybe you should consider purchasing a copy of Wells’ The Time Machine.

    I made the mistake of signing up for the Writer’s Digest email list (after they listed my blog). On a daily basis I was bombarded with emails promising to get me published in one week or less (well, something like that).

    Apparently, this writing stuff isn’t work; we’re just doing it wrong.
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  2. Did they at least include one of Hermione Granger’s time-turners? Or maybe a spell to make editors and agents fall in love with you?
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    • Graham Strong says:

      I would love to have a time-turner. Can you imagine how much work you’d get done? And how much slacking off you could do, all at the same time?

      (I wonder though if you get any less tired — do you feel like you’ve worked 16 hours when you only work 2 x 8 hours? Or is it just like a regular day?)

      A love potion for editors would be awesome too…


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