OTF – Thunder Bay YA Writer Lee Chambers’ Free Book Offer!

The Pineville Heist by Lee ChambersMet Thunder Bay author Lee Chambers last week on a talk he was doing about self-publishing to a group of Thunder Bay writers, specifically about his new book, The Pineville Heist. Great talk, though there was a wide range of people attending — it’s hard to have a talk about social media marketing when not everyone is 100% sure of the difference between Twitter and Facebook. Still, it was nice to see someone who is making a go of self-publishing from right here in Thunder Bay.

(He’s even making a movie of his book starring one of the actors from the Twilight series — kind of exciting in itself!)

Today and tomorrow he’s giving the Kindle version of his book away for free from Amazon. I haven’t read it myself (peeked at the first few pages after I downloaded it) but if you’re into YA literature or if can spare 30 seconds of your time to support an up-and-coming author by downloading his book, please do so! (I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a couple of reviews either…)

Download it here:


(Note: I’m not receiving any promotional consideration or percentage from his book sales. Just trying to help a fellow author out!)

Since you asked… my own novel was still in neutral last week, though I anticipate some time this week to write. Fingers crossed!


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11 Responses to OTF – Thunder Bay YA Writer Lee Chambers’ Free Book Offer!

  1. Angela says:

    Wow a movie? Good for him. It’s great to hear about authors succeeding. SP allows so many great books get into the world that might otherwise sat on a hard drive forever.

    Happy writing!

    Angela’s most recent blog post: Ask a Cover Designer: ANSWERS (PT 2)

    • Graham Strong says:

      It is kind of exciting, isn’t it? I heard from Lee — he had over 15,000 free downloads, and is now tracking over a hundred paid downloads. Apparently, he’s on to something here…

      Thanks for chiming in, and welcome to the blog, Angela!


  2. Lee says:

    Thanks Graham!

    In the end… I gave away 24500 books! Crazy isn’t it! This pushed me to #3 overall on Amazon, #1 in Thrillers and #1 in Children’s Mystery. My book was at the top of Amazon next to the Hunger Games.

    The result is that in the last week I sold 1300+ in the paid store.

    Now that… is truly awesome! When we met I was a man with a plan and goal to give away 500 books to create exposure. The result blew me away!

    Time to start working on more books… Oh, and I have a movie to make too. Keep writing!



    • Graham Strong says:

      That’s very cool, Lee! I’m especially heartened to see the connection between the free weekend and the paid sales through the week. I mean, you know it is supposed to work in theory, but to see it in action…

      Good luck with your books to come, and of course your movie!


  3. MoSoLoCo says:

    It is really nice hear the success of the author Lee Chambers. I like the way he write and and I want to make a review for his last publication. Also to love to meet him and discuss about the future plans.

  4. Lee says:

    Well… It’s working nicely… In less than a month and I added 1600 sales to my previous 400… Next big push is May 22 when Booboo from Twilight starts promoting to his fan base! I am looking forward to the payment from Amazon!

    Check out the news at http://www.pinevilleheist.com (a cool contest posted there too).

  5. Lee Chambers says:

    Mmmmm the movie will take a while. Millions of dollars still need to be found… Working on it!

  6. Lee Chambers says:

    One more FREE day on May 20th to pick up The Pineville Heist exclusively on Amazon.

    In other fun news, the audiobook is complete and will be live on Amazon, Audible and iTunes within days. Don’t just read it… listen (if you have 3 hours and 41 minutes to spare that is… sample online now).

    Also, I have a wicked contest to become a character in my next book. Check out http://www.pinevilleheist.com for details!

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