Shook Hands with a Pulitzer Prize Winner Yesterday…

I shook hands yesterday with Pulitzer Prize winner Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee, author of the book “The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer”. It was during my day job — I heard him talk in the afternoon and then did a quick interview with him afterward. Very interesting guy, as you might expect. Here he is signing my book. (Okay, fake-signing my book — I had him pose for the article I wrote. Keep your eye out for the July 4 issue of the Chronicle-Journal if you’re in Thunder Bay, or sometime after that date if you’re not… Incidentally, took this and the other shot that will run in the paper with my new portrait lens — very nice…)

Now I’ve shaken hands with a Pulitzer Prize winner, a Governor General’s Award winner (Duncan Weller), and two Stephen Leacock Award winners (Paul Quarrington and Terry Fallis), a Giller Prize winner (Johanna Skibsrud). All I need is to find an Academy Award winning screenwriter, and I’ll be a quintuple threat with all that talent rubbing off on me…


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2 Responses to Shook Hands with a Pulitzer Prize Winner Yesterday…

  1. I wonder if these authors ever go back to the hotel on a signing tour and think to themselves “I shook the hands of 100 young writers today, so I figure 100 new ideas rubbed off on me. Maybe one will stick.”

    Sounds like a writer-driven version of the Outer Limits. Stealing a little mojo from each while they think they’re stealing from him…

    • Graham Strong says:

      Heheh – there might be a story in that. Or maybe it’s the other way around — the writer sucks out the mojo of the younger ones so that he’s forever young and they’re forever in the slush pile.

      A vampire epic of literary proportions.


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