Stephen King has a Good Monday

It was a heady day for Stephen King, two Mondays ago.

Imagine his surprise and delight when he pulled up in his black crossover/SUV to find a future award-winning author standing outside the gates of his house. He was very respectful though – didn’t come over or wave or interrupt me as I quietly went about the business of taking pictures of his house. Perhaps he felt a little awkward, deciding whether or not to run into the house and grab his own camera, or scramble for a pen and paper for an autograph. Standing there with my family, obviously on vacation, probably was the kicker. Let him be, he said to himself.

So perhaps our paths will meet in the future — have a laugh about it even — at the Oscars or a impromptu gathering of the million-book selling authors (I hear it’s in Hawaii next year – I better get moving…)


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    • Graham Strong says:

      lol – not at all! As I pointed out on Facebook, there were two other groups pulling up to take pictures in the short time we were there. Besides, as Noël pointed out, (a) he’s used to it and (b) if he didn’t want people around, he wouldn’t dress up the front of his house for visitors.

      Kind of makes you think, the world’s most famous writer (second-famous now behind Rowling?) can be live literally a stone’s-throw from the road, while even B-list actors get swamped on the street…


  1. Hey, I’ve been there! Though I had the good manners to simply slow down as we drove by rather than get out and risk activating the deadly laser defense system that everyone knows hides in the turrets at King’s Bangor house. (You knew that, right? Right?!)

    It’s good to know King consistently respects the privacy of others; he didn’t pester you for an autograph and he somehow refrained from asking me for an autograph on the basis of my being an extremely impressive fly fishing blogger and copywriter.

    I applaud his restraint.
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    • Graham Strong says:

      I was wondering what that red dot was on my shirt…

      Yeah, I admit it was a little funny, stopping to take pictures of his house and congregating like it was a shrine or something. I bet he doesn’t really pay too much attention to the tourists though.

      Our house is a little way from the road, so thank God I’ll never have that problem. Not to the same extent, anyway.


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