Tripping Over the Starting Line

First day of school. Which puts this novel at exactly two years, based on this moveable feast. Wow! Can’t say that I expected to be here still – at least not with the same novel. This novel-writing thing really is harder than it looks…

Despite possible appearances (i.e. the thinness of blog entries in the last several months…), I haven’t abandoned the project. I have been picking away at it though over the summer, including some fairly long stints the last couple of nights. I see it forming, all these gaseous ideas slowly spinning and coming together to make plotlines and themes and hooks. I’ve been rewriting, adding new scenes, chopping old ones, and rearranging events so that they’re tighter and make more sense. It really does feel like making a sculpture, except that instead of just taking stone away, I can add more stone where I need it, and even shift a bit here or there.

In other news: I have a cover design in mind (should I self-publish) and a title. Can’t share those with you yet, but I can say “soon”… Once I have a working draft that I can pass out to select readers, I’ll be sharing more of the details about the story, the title, and more.

New target date: Christmas 2012 for a reading copy. Not promising, but definitely working towards it.

So what’s left to say but Happy New Year!


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5 Responses to Tripping Over the Starting Line

  1. Kelly says:


    It’s great that it’s never far from your thoughts. That inner desire is the key when you’re not a big-time author with an editor pushing you. You’ll get there—which most folks never do—and when you do, there’ll be a whole cadre of people raising a glass to your perseverance and to the finished product! Keep up the excellent work!!



    • Graham Strong says:

      Thanks Kelly!

      One day, when I can live off my books, it will be much easier I think. Until then — you’re right, support from family and friends will keep me going, especially on the days I want to just put down my pen for the day…

      Hope all is well with you — good to hear from you!


  2. Were you thinking of adding an interesting new characters — say a handsome writer type who lives in the mountains somewhere out west.

    The kind of character who would be played by Brad Pitt in the movie?

    I strongly urge you to consider it. I know it would made me want to buy a copy…
    TC/Writer Underground’s most recent blog post: Bigger, Better Spam (Yet Another Sign I’ve Arrived)

    • Graham Strong says:

      As a matter of fact, I had a character exactly like that in an early draft. Outdoorsy guy, loves fly fishing… but my agent knows a guy who has a friend who’s cousin’s with Brad Pitt’s sunglasses valet, and she said it sounds too much like a role he’s done already, and would probably pass.

      So instead, he’s a rugged, outdoorsy guy who ***SPOILER ALERT*** collects butterflies and starts a letter-writing campaign to save “The View”. The character doesn’t look much like you anymore — the good news though is that Brad Pitt’s still in. You know how I hate to write my novels with the movie in mind, but there you go…


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