A (‘nother) Case For Bookshelves

I’m no Luddite — I see the writing on the wall (or perhaps more aptly, not on the wall…) The physical book is giving way to ebooks. For the most part, there are many advantages (which we all know, so I won’t rehash here…) But there are some disadvantages. Here’s one Malcolm Gladwell came up with, which I really like:

“…it’s so important to have physical books. When I see my bookshelf expanding, it gives me the illusion that my brain is expanding, too.”

BTW, this Jane Mount style of bookshelf illustration is becoming popular all of a sudden — and I love it. She offers a custom painting with five of your favourite books (what writer — or reader for that matter — wouldn’t love that for Christmas?)

Here’s the whole article with the Malcolm Gladwell quote:



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2 Responses to A (‘nother) Case For Bookshelves

  1. Hey Graham,

    I like books with nice spines on my bookshelf. I want to be interviewed on TV like the professors, lawyers, and pundits in front of their big book collection that make them look far more intelligent than they actually are. Books have multiple uses other than merely being read.

    My eBookstore is now on my website. I’m going to use Thunder Bay as a testing ground before I advertise nationally. It’s funny, but I’m not as thrilled as I thought I would be. I know I’m going to be more thrilled when my 3,000 copies of The Love Ant arrive at my door some time in the next couple weeks. Why? Because a book is real. A digital book is one step up from dust as the bits are better organized. But no matter what anyone says, the chances of digital becoming dust seems to loom over the entire world of Web. One bomb, one storm, one idiot, one terrorist, can take it all down. But not books. That takes a massive amount of work or a delusional ideological belief in the magic of technology that causes people to throw them out on their own accord.

    Keep blogging! And get your damn book done already!!


    • Graham Strong says:

      Hey Duncan — very cool about the ebookstore! I’ll have to check it out.

      I agree — ebooks are cool, but nothing beats the feel (and look on the bookshelf) of a real book. I’m interested to see how you translated illustrations to the electronic medium though…!


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