Day 1,000,000 – April Update

Has it come to this? Monthly updates? lol.

I started from the beginning again recently. Put another hour and a half in this morning. Crafting. Trimming. Polishing. I like this book. I like the intricacies (I think I’m) weaving into the story. There is a lot more give and take between the two main characters than I thought there was at first, a lot of subtle undertones. Is it enough? I’m not sure about that… Others will tell me, I hope. That’s one thing that I’m still working on — unlike my day job writing, I’m still not 90% sure whether this is “good” or not. It’s humbling (in a good way) to have to rely upon others’ viewpoints to get me through this.

But as I say, I like it. That’s a start, I suppose.


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  1. I’m just finishing up an annual report that feels like I wrote a novel, leading me to wonder if I never got into copywriting — neatly avoiding any long-form writing — because my attention span just didn’t extend past a headline and 162 words.

    Edifying thought, that.

    I’m curious about the mechanism you’ll eventually use to send sample pages (or the whole thing) to your friends/ex-friends/readers. Is that going to be a word file, or are you planning to tart things up a bit with a more readable pdf — or even an ebook (epub)?

    I guess I’m fascinated by writer tech the same way small children are fascinated by shiny things.
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    • Graham Strong says:

      Ha, I’m in the middle of Annual Report season myself…

      I’m planning to send sample pages in whatever format the readers want: Word, PDF, even hard copy. And yes, even an ebook format — it’s not too difficult apparently to lay it out using InDesign, if you know what you’re doing (luckily, I do, somewhat…) It will give me a good practice run at doing it too.

      I’m all about the tart…


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