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Valley of Ashes, a Scene to Behold – Day 201

As I mentioned yesterday, things are not going well on the writing front. This whole week actually, in both the novel and the day job, I have been a little sluggish creatively. Perhaps it is just a blip — I … Continue reading

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Babylon Visited, or My Trip To Fitzgerald’s House – Day 190

Took a well-deserved family trip down to Duluth and Minneapolis for a couple of days. In the wee hours of Monday morning, I stole away from our hotel with my two oldest to visit this little house in a very … Continue reading

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Day 109 – The Word is “Colander”

Been sick in tired lately, as Fitzgerald would (and did) say. Which is a great segue to a word about my “hour every day, no matter what”. I came up with that because I was afraid I’d start and then … Continue reading

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Day 72 – The Great Gatsby

Okay, heard today that they’re making another Hollywood movie of The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role. Mixed feelings about this – someone out there asked the question, do we really need another Gatsby movie?

As far as I’m concerned, there’s always room for one more. I’ve seen three different versions, and I haven’t been a big fan of any of them (yes, including the Robert Redford one. And yes, I’m aware of the heresy.) I don’t think they captured the true essence of the book – you watch the Redford version today, and it looks more 70s than it does 20s… Continue reading

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Day 61 – ADVICE – “Shut Up, Editor – You Don’t Own Me”

You Don't Own Me.The most bewildering advice a writer ever gets is “just write”.

It doesn’t make much sense, on the surface of it. If you’re blocked, then “just writing” is like telling Mother Hubbard to just cook — there’s nothing in the damn cupboard, so the best you can do is cook the damn dog, and that ain’t happening. Continue reading

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Day 19 – Every Me and Every You

Got some good sleep last night, and woke up quite refreshed. Wow, a long week! I don’t think I was in bed before midnight once this week. I think it really affected the writing. It’s hard to force yourself to write when the muses are sleeping…

Well, as I had hoped, I got my hour in early today. More laying down of story, but not a lot of style development. I’m hoping that it just starts kicking in, but I’m getting a little worried now. Maybe I should take a passage and just concentrate on developing the style. Continue reading

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Day 13 – Cannonball

I got my hour in early today – well, relatively early. Before evening. I’m feeling great — I actually want to keep writing, even after the buzzer has gone. I take that to be a good sign.

I’m still trying to play with the style a bit — I’m leaning towards a bit of a more journalistic style, kind of like The New Journalism style in Tom Wolfe’s book that Duncan Weller was telling me about. I haven’t actually read the book yet, but I feel that I have a sense of that style already, having read some of Wolfe’s stuff as well as Hunter S. Thompson. The Great Gatsby, I think, could be put into that genre as well, at least as a forerunner. After all, who is Nick Carraway but a narrator reporting on someone else’s story? I’m certain it wasn’t Fitzgerald’s intention to invent The New Journalism, but echoes are there nonetheless. Continue reading

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Day 4 – The Apartment Song

Tom Petty - The Apartment SongAnother bit of a struggle today, though again not affecting my output. Developed a bit more of the main character while the “second” main character spent most of the time sitting on a couch in an apartment, where today’s scene took place.

I’ve been concentrating on ensuring there is plenty of dialogue — that’s one of the main points that Miriam Toews mentioned in her workshop. Too much narrative, not enough dialogue kills a story. However I’m suspecting that I am leaving out too much information by not narrating enough… Continue reading

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